How To Actually Get Work Done From A Coffee Shop

Worm From Starbucks

I used to walk past my local Starbucks and look down my nose at the hipster types inside, with their ipads, netbooks and, god forbid, moleskine notebooks laid out on the table next to their $7 freakachino lattes. I mean… who do they think they’re kidding, if not watching films they’re, yet again, tweaking their FaceBook profile. I firmly believed that no-one produced anything of value sitting on a coffee shop sofa.

Just over a year later, I’m far less cynical and 90% of my day is spent in coffee shops and cafes of some sort, knocking back cups of black coffee (green tea lately – almost the same buzz with some health benefits and less of the jitteriness) and being just as productive, if not more so, then when I used to spend my days in a home office. I also own a couple moleskine’s that I write in when I want to feel like Hemingway without… you know… any of his talent! Continue reading