Building & Maintaining A Lifestyle In SE Asia

Mindoro Waterfall

There’s a common trend that I’ve noticed among the travel blogger crowds that involves settling down somewhere, often in some cool bohemian location with fast internet connections and beautiful landscapes that inspire focus and introspective thinking, so that they can crank on work or a large project of some sort.

I did it (for 2 months instead of 4) in Cebu and plan to do it again in Thailand soon for a lot longer.

Erin & Simon from Never Ending Voyage, Johnny from Johnny Vagabond & Christine & her family from Almost Fearless have done it.

Even the Israelites in the bible times were known as ‘seminomads,’ often settling in locations long enough to build small economies and create agricultural systems during their 40 year exodus from Egypt. Continue reading

Planning A Trip To The Philippines? 4 Things To Keep In Mind

Geeks in paradise

I’ve been in the Philippines for 6 months now, long enough to feel like I’ve got a bit of a grasp of the place.

Before I came, I had the stories and advice of David Hehenberger & Dan to go off, so I thought I was pretty well prepared. 6 months later, and I realize that I knew NOTHING then. Here’s the advice that I would have given to past-me before he arrived in this country: Continue reading