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Expecting More

I have a home now, my own base that I can work, sleep, relax, read, have fun and ‘chill’ in, located in a cozy housing village in Udon Thani, north east Thailand (Isaan region).

I’ve been settled here for over two months, and I all ready feel miles away from that backpacking traveller that I used to be. Maybe it’s because of the slower, slightly more stable way of life I’ve began to adapt, but I find myself ‘expecting more’ of everything:

Expecting more from myself – I’m not just talking about cutting down on the procrastination and increasing output (always a challenge of course), I’m talking about improving the quality of my life. I’m more present with my actions, small things like not shying away in conversations when I know that I’m right I have valid input, dedicating time to socializing and actually enjoying time with others rather then wishing I was back at my laptop all the time, not allowing others to take advantage of me, striving for the best (health, wealth & relationships – doing the best I can in all three areas at all times) and generally not allowing myself to do some of the stupid ‘ish I used to do constantly. It’s refreshing, there’s a sense of pride in holding yourself to higher standards.

Expecting more from those around me – I was playing a game of badminton in the local sweatbox hall a couple of weeks ago, and I caught myself furiously shouting at my doubles partner after she left a relatively easy shot and gave the opposition an easy lead, all because she couldn’t be bothered to jog a couple of steps and return the shuttlecock. Neither of us are badminton pro’s, and I could care less about a missed swing or even an easy return that hits the net – but not returning out of laziness, that deserves a verbal ass kicking.

If you’ve met me, you might have caught on to my ‘live and let live’ philosophy. I find the fence comfortable to sit on, and have had a pretty stress-free time the last few years by not ruffling anyone’s feathers. This has changed with those that I actively care about. I’m doing those around me a dis-service by not being more opinionated, calling people on their bullshit, and generally not being brave/thoughtful enough to pick a side on issues. If you catch me giving you a hard time/lecturing you after you vent about your girlfriend problems , it’s because I love you dawg!

Expecting more in business – niche sites and quick ways to pull in $500 just don’t cut it anymore. I wan’t to be part of things that are going to change some lives. And if something is not going to change lives, it must be valid enough to fund/be utilized for something that is. I’ve got bills to pay, I have a vision of success that isn’t going to be achieved by purely doing things that I wan’t to do: but I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend a solid portion of my life (which is what I’m willing to give to the right cause/business) doing mind numbing work that provides no real value.

I’ve worked in a call centre selling exterior paint that protects your house from rain damage (yes, it was as shitty a product as it sounds), and I actually made decent money doing it. My life sucked though, go figure.

Now don’t go all spoilt brat on me, there’s a difference between expecting + working and expecting + wishing/talking: do the best that you can and expect the best from those close to you & the things that are important to you – it the sweet spot that works for me.


  1. I really, really liked this post, Lewis. I remember discussing aspects of this when you were here in Davao. It sounds like you’ve done some serious introspection as of late…awesome!

    • Cheers Justin, our conversations in Davao have actually led to quite a bit of thought on my part. Hopefully we can catch up soon

  2. Hey buddy its been a while since ya last post. I think Its good to expect more in life and in a way always want more otherwise we would not be entrepreneurs. I could easily float about here at the same level and live here in Davao for the rest of my life from the very small passive income I already get but thats not enough!! being happy and content is important but always challenging yourself for more is better. We may be moving from Davao for this very reason. Would love to come to Thailand some time miss that place! take care buddy

    • If you’re planning a trip to Thailand soon Matt, let me know and we’ll meet up. “Challenging yourself for more” is what I think I’m trying to get at in this post – thanks for your reply!

  3. Your best blog post yet buddy … I love it … Been wanting your opinion on some important topics for a while now … Like which way you prefer to hang the toilet roll, or which animal would win a rhino or an elephant? etc

    • I like my toilet roll freestyle – perched beside the sink ideally so I can easily access it to do tricks mid-AGB.

      And definitely the rhino… I like rhino’s

  4. Been reading through as many posts as my ipad battery could digest but this one was special. The but about being more opinionated for yourself anothers is great. I believe it was Aristotle who also said “a friend to all is a friend to none”. Looking forward to the next post sir.

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