Expecting More

expect more from everything

I have a home now, my own base that I can work, sleep, relax, read, have fun and ‘chill’ in, located in a cozy housing village in Udon Thani, north east Thailand (Isaan region).

I’ve been settled here for over two months, and I all ready feel miles away from that backpacking traveller that I used to be. Maybe it’s because of the slower, slightly more stable way of life I’ve began to adapt, but I find myself ‘expecting more’ of everything:

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Staying Ahead Of Mediocrity

Keep On Going Picture

I’ve patted myself on the back a lot recently, thinking things like “you’ve done well, son,” “‘attaboy” and “way to go, handsome” (my minds voice is vain like that).
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My Story

For those who don’t know me already, here’s my story told in highlight form:

Life for me really started in 2010 when I graduated from the University of Hull with a BSC degree in Marketing. Since then I have experienced a lot:


The stress of unemployment and trying to find meaningful work in a job market recovering from a recession (while living in the most expensive city in the world, London)

sunpat peanut butter

Budget living and eating so many peanut butter sandwiches I cringe whenever I see a jar of sunpat

Quarter Life Crisis

Experiencing a ‘quarter life crisis’ and realising that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, while also realising that I can do anything with my life – the problem of unlimited choice!

The World In My Hands

The insatiable desire to travel and see the world and the depressing reality of not being able to afford a bus trip yet alone a plane fair

Double Six Beach

And finally overcoming several setbacks to find what I can only describe as the best, and last, job that I will ever have (it allows me to visit the beach you see in the above pic on a daily basis).

I now live and work in SE Asia as a hard working online marketing and web development intern of the tropical MBA program, but also as an entrepreneur learning from my peers and attempting to build my own lifestyle business.

To learn more about me, check out the about me page or my bucket list. Or you could just follow my blog (the RSS subscription link is up on the top right of this page). You never know, I might be able to teach you something.