Train As You'll Fight

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Training As You’ll Fight

If you’re a returning reader, you will have noticed that has changed in two dramatic ways: a name change and a design overhaul! I’ll get into the hows, what’s and whys in a sec, but first…

A Warning: over the next few days you may notice broken links, images floating in places they shouldn’t be and similar kinds of design-related strangeness. Don’t panic, it’s just me messing about with the sites layout and configuration in real time – I don’t believe in test environments (I do really, when working on clients websites or customer facing personal projects. For this site, I just get messy and risk it!)

It All Started With A Font Change

While proof reading my last post on enjoying the process by making it a part of your story, I decided that the H1 font used to display post titles was a bit small and unreadable for my tastes. I jumped into the style.css file in the Word Press editor, and emerged 24 hours later with the new layout that you see before you!

What’s The New Name All About?

I wanted to give this website a focus, a core topic (or 4) that I could wrap my opinions and commentaries around in order to provide readers with something unique and valuable. I feel like the content I have stored in my brain, itching to get out and be shared, revolves around the pillars of lifestyle (lifestyle design if you’re nasty), living abroad/travel, personal development and startups/entrepreneurship.

To tie these new focuses together, I also registered a new domain name – – that is baller as hell, even if I do say so myself. The name is inspired by a conversation I was having with a friend some time ago about how the same story can be interpreted in completely different ways by different people. Life is that way too, so will become my record of how I interpret events, thoughts, successes, failures and everything else: through the blurry, short-sighted eyes of a Nerd!

I am also considering merging my e-commerce development website with this site, but that’s for another post.

And so, V2.0 of is here (mostly) – keep your eyes peeled for future upgrades and changes that I have planned!

Training As You’ll Fight

Not wanting to leave you with a site update post and nothing else, I thought I’d share this brilliant concept that I came across on the entrepreneurs motivational blog – 8pm Warrior:

Great coaches and military leaders know their teams must train the same way they plan to fight.
Sloppy training? Sloppy behaviors.

Slow practice? Slow execution when it matters.

It always matters!

[…]Years before it counted, some of the greatest people I know were leading themselves, pushing their limits, asking, listening, and learning. Some say that success happens when luck meets preparation.

Prepare today.

This is one of those concepts that has you winning from the start. In training, preparing for a new launch, learning a new skill, etc – if you can tap into that ‘big fight’ mindset even when it isn’t crunch time, you can see huge boosts in the amount and quality of the work you do while also increasing your levels of resilience.

With my entrepreneurial and lifestyle goals, I’m starting to treat my day-to-day activities like the big fights.

Maybe you have some practical examples, maybe you’re an MMA fighter or something similar and have some experience with actually training like you’ll fight in the ring? If you do, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Keep Fighting!

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  1. Nice design, but I find the ‘share bar’ following me as I scroll down really irritating, it messes up with my concentration when I am trying to read. Guess it got noticed 😉