What Is Freedom?

“You are the sovereign authority for your life. You are the ruler who makes the decisions regarding how you will act, what information you will accept. You do it anyway — but if you recognize that you do it, you can gain much greater control over your future.”

~ Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

“Would you spend a year in jail if you received 1 million dollars when you got out?” He asked me.

My response came with no hesitation, as if the answer was organic, from the soul: “You damn right I would!” Continue reading

The Crossover

I’m a basketball lover. It’s in my blood. I can go weeks, months, years without playing basketball and can be walking down the street randomly and hear that ‘ping’ sound of a basketball hitting the concrete and the squeal of trainers (sneakers for the Americans) on the floor as players jump, turn and run… instantly I’m back in ‘lets ball’ mode. Continue reading

Fear Of How

Nothing scares me more then How.

I look back at all of my failures, half completed projects and ideas that inspired me but not enough for me to take action; and the thing that ties them together is the ‘How

In my childhood years, how didn’t really exist. I’d see a tree, tell myself I’m getting to the top, things would just happen and I’d be making wolf howling sounds from the highest branch.

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Oh Hai, Cool Technology, Where Have You Been?

For the most part, over the past 4-5 years, there hasn’t really been a technological advancement that has got me genuinely excited.

All of Apple’s beautifully designed products have been visually and functionally (SIRI!) appealing, but nothing that gives me that ‘glimpse into the future’ feel. Over the last few months, I have had a chance to really examine the technological sphere again and I have to say, things are once-again getting exciting!

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