It’s All About Confidence

I’m typing this post today from a Starbucks… with no internet connection because I refuse to pay 150 baht for an hour of wi-fi access when every other cafe in the northern city of Udon Thani offers free wi-fi, and much cheaper coffee.

Ok, so that had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to rant about Starbucks and remind myself why I try to avoid this overpriced hipster paradise whenever I have the option.

Last week, on Monday November 5th, I had my first professional Muay Thai fight here in Thailand. I’d been training for 5-6 months prior and I’m very happy with my first time performance. Continue reading

The World Needs Answers Not More Questions

Stop Asking Questions - Start Giving Answers

If your childhood was anything like mine, you were constantly pushed to ask questions:

“Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question!”

“Smart people question everything”

…And other such sayings seemed to fly out of the mouths of teachers, parents and intelligent adults on an almost daily basis.

The adults were right, the greatest minds in history famously questioned everything, even seemingly logical facts that others took for granted (“the world is flat” for example).

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How To Enjoy The Process: Make It A Part Of Your Story

I read a lot of blog posts and tech articles that advise and urge entrepreneurs and creatives to enjoy the process.

They tell us to acknowledge that creating anything of value is going to be a grind, put your head down – perhaps focusing on some element of the project that you can feel passionate about – and get to work on that process until you emerge victorious, sweating and panting, on the other side of that fence called success. Continue reading