Fear Of How

Nothing scares me more then How.

I look back at all of my failures, half completed projects and ideas that inspired me but not enough for me to take action; and the thing that ties them together is the ‘How

In my childhood years, how didn’t really exist. I’d see a tree, tell myself I’m getting to the top, things would just happen and I’d be making wolf howling sounds from the highest branch.

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Oh Hai, Cool Technology, Where Have You Been?

For the most part, over the past 4-5 years, there hasn’t really been a technological advancement that has got me genuinely excited.

All of Apple’s beautifully designed products have been visually and functionally (SIRI!) appealing, but nothing that gives me that ‘glimpse into the future’ feel. Over the last few months, I have had a chance to really examine the technological sphere again and I have to say, things are once-again getting exciting!

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It’s All About Confidence

I’m typing this post today from a Starbucks… with no internet connection because I refuse to pay 150 baht for an hour of wi-fi access when every other cafe in the northern city of Udon Thani offers free wi-fi, and much cheaper coffee.

Ok, so that had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to rant about Starbucks and remind myself why I try to avoid this overpriced hipster paradise whenever I have the option.

Last week, on Monday November 5th, I had my first professional Muay Thai fight here in Thailand. I’d been training for 5-6 months prior and I’m very happy with my first time performance. Continue reading

Shit My Muay Thai Instructor Says

Muay Thai On The Beach

I’ve been training Muay Thai here in Thailand for the past 4-5 months. The schedules have changed but I’ve been pretty consistent in training every day for at least 2 hours (now I train 3 hours every morning, last month I was destroying myself with a 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon schedule), with a day off every Sunday. I have at least two professional fights scheduled for the next 2 months, and I’ve lost near 20kg in weight and improved my health drastically in preparation. Continue reading

Your Location Matters! Really!?

Does Your Location Really Matter?

This is a guest post by my buddy Matt John Canty, he and his business partner recently moved to Manilla, Philippines after a long stint in Davao, an awesome city in the south of the Philippines. Here he provides some good tips on choosing a location to run your business from and have a bunch of fun in the process ;). Check out more info on Matt & his business dealings/adventures over at LifestyleBusinessDesign.com

Lets face it, your chances of success in business are highly related to where you live and your surroundings (and the people around you for that matter). For all you location independent junkies out there you may disagree but I believe I have somewhat experienced this first hand.

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Expecting More

expect more from everything

I have a home now, my own base that I can work, sleep, relax, read, have fun and ‘chill’ in, located in a cozy housing village in Udon Thani, north east Thailand (Isaan region).

I’ve been settled here for over two months, and I all ready feel miles away from that backpacking traveller that I used to be. Maybe it’s because of the slower, slightly more stable way of life I’ve began to adapt, but I find myself ‘expecting more’ of everything:

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